Download it today for FREE!

Download it today for FREE!

Motor Hand Skills

Works on fine motor hand skills as children isolate fingers to imitate the video

Speech & Language

Encourages speech and language as children sing along

Helps Children Recognize

Helps children recognize family members who they don’t see often

Teachers & Therapists

Great for classroom teachers and therapists

Building is simple..

Chose your finger and hand color

Select your photo

Select Family Members

Sing Along


Select Your Background

Play Your Custom Movie

Downloads and counting

Positive reviews

Daily registers


Kids learning

Educational and Entertaining

Children learn faces by recognizing major facial features. This provides hours of fun for kids.


Facial Recognition

An important part of infants development


Motor Skills

The dexterity they need to write and draw.


Learn Independently

A very important factor in learning.

This app keeps children busy for hours while learning important motor skills, facial recognition, and use of mobile devices.



Troy B.


Download it today for FREE!

Download it today for FREE!